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Programming for Physicians - Introduction

Programming? Computer programming? For physicians and life science scientists? Yes, exactly that!!

You may have followed the Clinical Data Science Essentials bundle and now you like to move deeper. Or you are interested in computer programming and like to know more. Or you are wondering whether this topic is still relevant now in the era of artificial intelligence. In all those cases, this course will help you further. It will cover the why of computer programming and provide context. For physicians and life science scientists, exactly.

At the end of this lesson you'll understand more about the essentials of programming and why you would want to learn more about it, and get hands-on. Which is exactly what we'll be doing in the rest of this series.

After successful course completion you will receive a certificate. The course will take 30-45 minutes.

For questions about this course you may contact the instructor at [email protected].
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Course Lessons

Course Lessons