About us

We believe that traditional continuing medical education (CME) should be improved for two reasons.

First,  current CME  is still one-size-fits-all, whether it is onsite or online. We believe it should be personalized towards the individual healthcare provider's needs and preferences for optimal learning effect. For that reason we combine trusted medical resources with the power of modern AI solutions in our journey towards personalized CME.

Second, scientific conference-related travel is responsible for more than 1B kg of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of 50M trees. Every year. We believe that if online CME can be personalized, it will provider a superior learning experience and help to reduce scientific travel-related carbon emissions significantly. This contributes to a sustainable future for our children and our planet. 

NeuroMind Academy started in 2023 as an extension to the #1 app for neurosurgery worldwide (NeuroMind). In 2024 we introduced NeuroMind AI which has been used for the podcast episodes on our academy, resulting in the first accredited AI-supported online CME worldwide. 

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