Pieter Kubben

Welcome to NeuroMind Academy!

Digital medicine is becoming increasingly more present, and as healthcare providers, we need to familiarize ourselves with new technologies and underlying knowledge. This is key to a successful adoption of the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

In NeuroMind Academy we intend to go further then we can do in our NeuroMind app. Where the app is developed for neurosurgical and neurological decision support in practice, the academy has been developed to teach you underlying principles of clinical data science, dive deeper into practical applications, and offer you a primer on computer programming.

We are proud to offer our first course bundle on the Clinical Data Science Essentials, which will teach you everything you need to know to graps the fundamentals of this rapidly growing field. 

The course is broken into smaller bits (pun intended) to facilitate learning in combination with a busy clinical practice. And it is all offered in a fun, visual style. As Albert Einstein said: "You should make things as simple as possible. But not any simpler."

Are you ready? Then join us and get started right away!