Data science meets clinicians

Clinical Data Science Essentials

Get a head-start in clinical data science using a visual tour along the main components. These essentials will give you an understanding of big data, machine learning and machine learning models including the most relevant terminology to get you up to speed when reading literature and discussing with information engineers.

By the end of this course you will understand the basics of Big Data, FAIR data, supervised and unsupervised machine learning including relevant preprocessing steps, and deeper insights in a few often used machine learning models.

After successful course completion you will receive a certificate. The course will take 2 hours.
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Dr. Pieter Kubben, MD, PhD (Royal Dutch Medical Association license number 29058752301) is a medical practitioner who has prepared and approved this course material, and will take responsibility for its content. He can be contacted on This course material will work on all regular and mobile operating systems. For technical support, please contact if needed.

Pieter Kubben has received research grants and consultancy fees (both as unrestricted financial support) from Abbott Inc in the past five years. He is the founder and a shareholder of DecisiX BV (Dutch Chamber of Commerce 77744918). NeuroMindTM is a trade name of DecisiX.
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Course Lessons