Digital Medicine series

Digital Ophthalmology: AI, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models

A podcast course on the intersection of technology and clinical ophthalmology.
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Get updated on the most recent developments in Digital Ophthalmology with our unique micro-podcast course designed specifically for medical doctors keen on mastering the intersection of technology and clinical ophthalmology. This innovative series guides you through the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and large language models (LLMs) as applied in this clinical field.


Expert-reviewed Podcast Episodes: Listen to expert-reviewed updates on recent AI applications in ophthalmology and their transformative impacts on diagnostics, decision-making, and patient outcomes.

Latest Scientific Literature (2023-2024): Stay abreast of cutting-edge research as each episode reviews recent scholarly articles, providing you with the most current scientific insights.

Interactive Learning
: Test your knowledge and reinforce learning through targeted exam questions at the end of this module, designed to challenge and enhance your understanding.

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how AI and machine learning technologies (including large language models such as GPT) can be leveraged in clinical ophthalmology settings to improve research and patient care. This content has been created in Apr 2024 and is valid until Apr 2027. This course is expected to take circa 40 minutes. 
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Dr. Pieter Kubben, MD, PhD (Royal Dutch Medical Association license number 29058752301) is a medical practitioner who has prepared and approved this course material, and will take responsibility for its content. He can be contacted on This course material will work on all regular and mobile operating systems. For technical support, please contact if needed.

Pieter Kubben has received research grants and consultancy fees (both as unrestricted financial support) from Abbott Inc in the past five years. He is the founder and a shareholder of DecisiX BV (Dutch Chamber of Commerce 77744918). NeuroMindTM is a trade name of DecisiX.

A generative pre-trained transformer (OpenAI GPT version 4 turbo) has been applied for text optimization in these course materials, and the audio files have been recorded using text-to-speech technology. GPT has NOT been involved in literature selection or creating the medical-scientific content for this course. The final course materials have been reviewed by the physician who approved this course after comparison with the original text.
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Course Lessons